Executive and Musical Director Search

Executive and Musical Director Position Overview:

Sing Out Loud! seeks a new Executive and Musical Director to lead the organization and top level choir beginning with the 2020 Concert Season and beyond.

The Ideal Candidate

Sing Out Loud! is seeking a vibrant artistic and musical director who is comfortable working with young women, understands the choir’s unique history, and is ready to collaborate with the choristers for a new vision for the future.  The ideal Artistic Director must be a highly skilled communicator and have a passion for women's empowerment, and outreach. The Artistic Director will drive musical and artistic decisions and performances, and collaborate with the choir’s staff to plan, market and promote performances among our growing audience and wider arts community in the Twin Cities, Midwest and nationally. The Artistic Director must share the core values of the choir and bring a natural ability to invoke elements of faith, and explore the meaning of song texts, that resonate with singers and audience. The Artistic Director will recognize that our singers are lifelong learners who wish to continue learning about the art and science of singing, vocal technique, intonation, tone production, diction and vowels. The Artistic Director will prepare for weekly rehearsals and bring a positive, energetic, consistent, collaborative, and genuine spirit to rehearsals and concerts.

Required Qualifications

  • Excellent musicianship as expressed through innate musicality, excellent aural acuity, thorough score preparation, and effective conducting gesture

  • A solid understanding of vocal production, vocal pedagogy and rehearsal techniques

  • Wide knowledge choral repertoire appropriate for an accomplished young women’s choir

  • Experience in developing a full concert season of engaging, distinct, original and innovative programs around various themes

  • Excellent relationship and communication skills in drawing the best out of young women

  • Ability to engage with audiences in a genuine and appealing way

Desired Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in music or higher; or related field

  • 5+ years’ experience directing/working with young women

  • Keyboard proficiency is desirable although not required 

Position Responsibilities

The following are the primary duties and responsibilities of the Executive and Musical Director:

1. Performance Functions:

  • Oversee the artistic health and growth of the Organization in accordance with the Sing Out Loud mission, vision, operating budget, and strategic plan;

  • Execute an annual performance schedule including primary concert series (December and May), collaborations, outreach performances as specified in the contract;

  • Design each concert performance including theme development and integration of guest artists, ensembles, soloists, instrumentalists, and visual elements;

  • Facilitate new music commissioning as funds allow, including the selection of composer/lyricist, assisting with contract negotiations, and managing the process to performance;

  • Research music and programming to bring to the choir performance material that is both challenging and appropriate to the artistic goals of the organization;

  • Arrange or adapt music as needed for performance;

  • Conduct auditions to determine choir membership and performance readiness for all singers;

  • Audition, select, and coach soloists and smaller groups of singers;

  • Oversee mentorship(s) of any student director and/or student accompanist;

  • Conduct the Bella Voce Young Women’s Choir in all performances and regular weekly and special ad-hoc rehearsals;

  • Oversee the arrangement of music for performance within the Organization;

  • Select and supervise section leaders;

2. Administrative Functions:

  • Work with the Board and the Administrative Assistant to establish an operating plan and budget to execute the artistic vision;

  • Oversee & guide contract musicians, accompanist(s) and additional director(s) within the Sing Out Loud organization;

  • Attend Board meetings and provide periodic reports to the Board.

  • Serve as principal liaison between the Board of Directors and the artistic staff;

  • Supervise and oversee part-time music staff artistic and contractors (musicians) and assist the Board to evaluate part-time music staff;

  • In partnership with the Executive Director, participate in the community activities to develop networks and identify opportunities to further the mission;

  • Participate effectively in meetings of the Board of Directors, committees as selected, season and budgeting planning and other activities as necessary to support the execution of the artistic vision;

3. Communication and Partnership Functions:

  • Work with the Board and the Administrative Assistant to ensure a consistent and appropriate public image in all internal and external communications;

  • Seek input from and collaborate with singing membership to implement the artistic vision of the Organization;

  • Broaden the involvement of the Sing Out Loud organization in the community by serving as a spokesperson and liaison on behalf of the Organization; and

  • Maintain healthy communication with staff, membership, Board and community members.

 4. Outreach Functions:

  • Seek opportunities for the choir(s) to perform outside of scheduled concerts;

  • Develop an outreach concert repertoire consistent with the artistic vision and the Organization's mission;

  • Conduct the Bella Voce Young Women’s Choir in outreach concerts; and

  • Research and select appropriate charitable organizations to further the Organization’s mission through features at spring concerts (in partnership with the Board); and

  • Oversee collaborations and any dispersal of funds to charitable organizations. 

5. Professional Development Functions:

  • Participate in professional choral organizations (such as American Choral Director's Association, Chorus America, etc.)

  • Develop and maintain relationships with professional colleagues by participating in and conducting workshops, clinics, conventions and festivals, etc.; and

  • Participate in other activities and conferences to nurture continued artistic skill enhancement.

6. Executive Director Functions:

  • Oversee the financial health and growth of the Organization in accordance with the Sing Out Loud mission, vision, operating budget, and strategic plan;

  • Develop and maintain policies and processes for the Organization to maintain sound financial, legal, and non-profit statuses;

  • Oversee the technical and production elements for all performances, including sets, attire, ticketing, rehearsal and performance space rental.

  • Serve as principal liaison between the Board of Directors and administrative staff;

  • Supervise and evaluate administrative staff and oversee administrative contractors (eg, accountant);

  • Maintain benchmarking parameters for staff salaries, ticketing, and sales within and by the Organization;

  • Oversee and maintain the music library;

  • Arrange effective advertising campaigns for Sing Out Loud performances and activities;

  • Assist the Administrative Assistant and Artistic Director with appeals to financial donors;

  • Manage communication, logistics, and planning details for outreach performances;

  • Facilitate distribution of recordings (CDs, DVDs, radio, television) as appropriate; and

  • Participate in other activities and conferences to nurture continued business skill enhancement

Application process

Application must be submitted by Wednesday, January 15, 2020. Application must include:

  • Cover letter;

  • Resume or Curriculum vitae;

  • Three letters of reference with full title, email address and phone number

  • Sample video or digital sound recording from a recent rehearsal (10 minutes max)

  • Sample video or digital sound recording from a recent performance (10 minutes max)

  • Two contrasting concert programs from recent concerts

Competitive compensation commensurate with experience.

Selected candidates will be invited to interview with the search committee in February 2020.

Final candidates will be invited to audition with the choir in March or April 2020. Final selection will be made in May 2020. For more information about Sing Out Loud and Bella Voce, please visit: singoutloud.org

Please send application by January 15, 2020 electronically to



via USPS (postmarked no later than January 15th, 2020):

Director Search

Sing Out Loud!

3630 Queen Ave North

Minneapolis, MN 55412