Welcome to Bella Voce Young Women's Choir
Auditions for 2015-16 Season!

Join the Bella “sisters” - Have fun, learn, and create friendships to last a lifetime!

Auditions are now being scheduled for this season (Spring semester, 2016).  We would love for you to join Bella!

Auditions are being held in January with Shelly (for Bella Voce) or Stephanie (for Bella Fiore) and are low-key and encouraging - so don't be afraid!  Late auditions may be accepted on an individual basis, but not after rehearsals start. You will be asked to sing some scales and musical phrases, read music, as well as sing a familiar song of your choice.

**Schedule your audition by clicking on one of the links below:**

Bella Fiore (grades 6-8 for spring 2016; rehearsals start February 7th) audition sign up

Bella Voce (grades 9-12 for spring 2016; rehearsals start February 6th!) audition sign up 


Very low-key auditions with Shelly are now being scheduled on February 11th & 12th for The Bellettes! who will perform at the Bella concerts on May 1st. We'd love to have you!!

**Schedule your Bellette audition by clicking on the link below:** 

Bellettes! (grades 1-5 for spring 2016; rehearsals start  February 28th!) audition sign up


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Sponsors and Supporters

We are very grateful to all of the individuals, foundations, organizations, and business who support Bella's program.  In this spirit, we would like to share our thankful attention to the following:

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is dedicated to giving back to the communities where its employees live and work.  Mayo Clinic invests resources responsibly to produce the best outcomes for patient care, education, research, community enrichment and sustainability. Through its Office of Community Relations, Mayo Clinic partners with others to ensure that our community is a welcoming and healthy plan for all who live and visit here, and that our community attracts and sustains a diverse Mayo Clinic work force to deliver the best patient care.

Sing Out Loud is honored to be the recipient of grant support from Mayo this year.


The Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, Inc. (SEMAC) is one of eleven Regional Arts Councils designated by the State of Minnesota to distribute legislative funds to edify arts in our community. SEMAC seeks out and rewards creative efforts of high artistic integrity that stand out among similar efforts. believes that high quality art should be challenging and original, able to illuminate the human condition and serve the vital interests of the community. Rooted in basic human values, SEMAC believes that art should move the imagination and the heart, and enrich rather than merely entertain. It is within that context that we are honored and grateful to have received critical SEMAC support since 2007. 

Minnesota Public Radio

You may have heard several Bella Voce Young Women's Choir recordings that have been played on MPR's Classical Music over the years. In addition, Bella has been featured on two of MPR's very popular "Taste of the Holidays" CDs:

Rochester Music Guild

Quietly supporting the arts in Rochester area for many years, the Music Guild coordinates a Scholarship Competition each year that has seen singers and instrumentalists (some from Bella, too!) thriving in their art. The Guild also presents an engaging Lunch and Learn educational program throughout the year.

Rochester Convention and Visitor Bureau

RCVB is at the center of "what's happening in Rochester" - including helping to coordinate bringing in a wide variety of events to this destination medical community. Check out the RCVB website for a regional arts EVENTS CALENDAR, further information about the broad variety of regional arts and cultural organizations, lodging, and event planning.

Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust

Formerly the Rochester Arts Council, the organization's goal is "to enrich the quality of life in the Rochester area by celebrating, promoting, and advocating for the arts and humanities" through a variety of creative projects, advocacy, and collaboration-building.  Bella received support for programming via the very entertaining "Dancing for the Arts" event held each spring.  Shelly Winemiller was also honored at gala The Fete: Celebrating Excellence in the Arts via a prestigious Ardee Award (named after our mayor Ardell Brede). RACT also maintains an EVENTS CALENDAR featuring arts and cultural events.

Compilation CDs: "To Life We Sing!" Print

"Bella Voce: To Life We Sing!"  - Audio CDs You Don't Want to Miss

Bella Voce announces the release of a two-disc compilation CD's celebrating five years of music performed by Bella Voce Young Women's Choir.

Picking the tracks for this was extremely difficult --yet very rewarding-- because there is simply so much wonderful music Bella has performed over the past five years! Both CD's has over 20 pieces, each including music from every Bella concert we've performed.  These gems are primarily from our spring concerts, so most have not been released previously on the "Bella Christmas" CD's or on the "Best of Bella" disc.  Play list of Volume 1 highlights international & upbeat music, while Volume 2 provides powerful and contemplative selections.  Both offer a satisfying choral mix that you'll enjoy hearing over and over. Click the "Read More" link to see a complete playlist.

Order your personal copy today. Buy some as gifts! The price for each CD is $18. "Not available in any store, at any price!" To order send and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 507.269.7114.

Upcoming Events

See Concert Calendar for more details.

A Young Womens Choir

Bella Voce Young Women's Choir is an auditioned choir for women in grades 9-12. Located in Rochester, Minnesota, the choir is open to singers within commuting distance. The choir is under the direction of Shelly Winemiller, with Laurie Priniski serving as accompanist.  Bella Fiore (Italian for "beautiful blossom") is an auditioned choir for singers in grades 6-8 which is geared towards grounding young singers in healthy technique and musical skills within an engaging community. Bella Fiore is led by Victoria Lowe and Shelly Winemiller, with Pam Alpers as accompanist.

Bella Voce Young Women's Choir

Sing Out Loud is a non-profit organization that supports the Bella Voce and Bella Fiore choirs. Our purpose is to create an inviting and safe community in which young women can share musical excellence, build confidence, and gain perspective about the world through the gift of music. The purpose of Bella Voce is to inspire young women, through singing, to realize their highest potential in order to more broadly impact the world.


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